Racing Warrior Program

Fiesty Day

12 years old
106 races
$168,000 in winnings
Arrived from Finger Lakes track in NY

Fiesty (aka “Friday”) is a racing warrior who retired at age 11, after winning nearly $220K in 58 races (all in Louisiana). Friday came to LOPE from Gulf Coast Thoroughbred Network. In 2020, he sustained a severe injury on his right hind (fracture of intercondylar eminence of his tibia resulting in an anterior cruciate injury as well as medial meniscus). Thanks to generous sponsors (including famous author Laura Hillenbrand) and amazing vet care from Austin Equine Hospital — we are thrilled to report that Friday has steadily healed over time.He is in our long term rehab program — and our interns love him! Friday is limited to companion horse status only — but his gentle temperament and sweet face have won him many fans here.

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Fiesty Day

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