LOPE Turns 20! Learn more and see what's next

Celebrate the Season with LOPE on December 3rd

Yoga, Wine, & Horses at a Beautiful Private Barn!

Our Mission

We give retired warhorses time, attention and purpose.

LOPE is a 501(c)(3) charity that helps at-risk racehorse warriors find new purpose, while inspiring young people through horsemanship education.

What We Do

Core programs

Racing Warrior Program

Racing warriors are admirable athletes who aren’t ready to fade away. Even though they can no longer run fast, they have much to teach us about determination, stoicism, swagger and (most of all) horsemanship. It is a privilege to work with them.
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Youth Programs

The Starting Gate Program educates promising young equestrians and aspiring horse trainers in foundation horsemanship.
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Our First Step Teaching Series is designed to introduce horsemanship to at-risk and disadvantaged youth. 
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Our LOPE Academy offers customized field trips and lab days to K-12 classes during the academic year.
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