LOPE Academy

Learning Labs

We offer customized field trips and lab days to K-12 classes during the academic year. LOPE will design a learning experience based on teachers’ current syllabus/lesson plan and students’ age range. We have experienced K-12 teachers and follow Texas state subject standards. The HorseWise® curriculum has been developed in conjunction with Baylor University research standards on informal learning techniques for K-12 students.  

Experiential Learning Labs

How it Works


Subjects include science (biology, chemistry, physics,environmental studies), mathematics (special emphasis on basic math skills, fractions, geometry, algebra and how to not panic at math word problems), and English language arts.


Our instructors and horses will bring these subjects to life in a way that is impossible to replicate in the classroom – while also maintaining Texas state learning standards in each study area.

Classroom Work

The field trip learning experience is enhanced with follow-up exercises to be done in the classroom (without horses) for both students and teachers.


There is no horseback riding in the field trips. Students will be able to handle and interact with a gentle horse – and will watch demonstrations with horses still in training. No horse experience is required.

In addition to specific classroom subjects, students will learn about horse stewardship, compassion for rescue animals and farm/environmental management.  

Experiential Learning Labs

Cost and Other Details


The first field trip is free of charge to any learning institution (public school, private school, foster youth group) or homeschooling group in Texas. We request a small donation for each subsequent field trip – which will be applied to the care of the LOPE horses. Students may select a specific LOPE horse to be their donation recipient.


Field trips last 1.5-2.5 hours depending on class size and student age, with longer options available for specialized needs.

Dates Available

We offer field trips on Wednesdays and Fridays. To discuss a specific date, please contact us.


Labs take place at the LOPE headquarters in Driftwood, TX. It is a private farm, with a quiet, peaceful environment for learning.

Experiential Learning Labs

Safety Requirements

For safety, we ask that all students and teachers wear shoes that are covered (no sandals or flip-flops) and that can handle getting dusty or dirty (horse farms are full of dust, dirt and horse manure). Student groups must be accompanied by their teachers at all times.

Our field trip paperwork (releases, list of farm rules, etc.) must be signed and returned to LOPE prior to the field trip date.


Education Sponsors

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Contact us for more information or to schedule a lab