Racing Warriors Program

What Are Racing Warriors?

Most racehorses retire young (usually by age 5 after 12-15 races). But the racing warriors (or “warhorses”) compete for many more years. Most racing warriors are 8-10 years old and have run in 50 races or more. They are incredible athletes!

Warriors Are at Risk

At-Risk Due to Age and Injuries

Like all older athletes, their careers often leave them with multiple sports injuries over time. When their track careers finally end, the warhorses don’t have many options. Most equestrians prefer younger, injury-free horses to retrain as show or pleasure riding prospects. An older horse is seen as more difficult to train for new disciplines, let alone one who might require a less strenuous job due to athletic "wear and tear" at the track.

Warriors Give 100%

Why We Love Racing Warriors

They give their all to the sport — and represent the best of the TB heart and grit. Every warhorse we’ve met has had a vibrant, intelligent personality — true characters in every respect.

While they are at LOPE, the racing warriors help people via our Academy programs for teenage equestrians and at-risk youth. The warriors also provide invaluable vocational training for aspiring equine vet technicians and veterinarians.


Meet our current herd of racing warriors

Meet the Warriors
Rest + Rehab + Retrain

Racing warriors often need rehabilitation for sports injuries.

They greatly benefit from pasture rest and time to “just be a horse.” Once physically ready, the racing warriors then face the challenge of learning a new career. It can be difficult for seasoned athletes with much experience in one discipline to start all over again. They aren’t available for adoption until they have completed the program.


They greatly benefit from pasture rest and time to “just be a horse.”


The amazing Austin Equine Hospital examines each horse to create a path for healing.


We then customize a learning plan for each horse to help them build a strong foundation for their futures.

Spreading the good news

By sharing the stories of these special warhorses and their learning process on Facebook, we hope to encourage at-risk horse adoption, best practices for OTTB retraining, good stewardship and rehoming of OTTBs in general.

Racing warriors are admirable athletes who aren’t ready to fade away. Even though they can no longer run fast, they have much to teach us about determination, stoicism, swagger and (most of all) horsemanship. It is a privilege to work with them.