LOPE helps at-risk racing warriors find new purpose, while inspiring young people through classical horsemanship education.


LOPE helps at-risk racing warriors find new purpose, while inspiring young people through classical horsemanship education.


Their future begins with the right foundation.

We are inspired by the classical horsemanship philosophy practiced by Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and all who follow in their footsteps. To borrow from Ray Hunt’s famous quote, we help prepare horses and young people to position for successful transitions.

Sparking virtuous circles

At-risk warhorses are prepared to transition into new careers after the track. Young equestrians and aspiring horsemanship leaders are prepared to transition into the professional horse industry. In a virtuous circle, LOPE benefits both at-risk racehorses and deserving students as they teach each other through consistent, practical and purpose-driven work.

What We Believe

We believe retired warriors are winners even after their racing careers end.

They have so much heart, athleticism and intelligence — all they need is a chance to find purpose after the finish line.

LOPE believes that every ex-racehorse is waiting to be someone’s special champion — whether as a trail horse, show competitor or just plain pet.

Each horse is special to us — and we believe that each horse needs a job, a special vocation, in order to be happy and true to its nature.

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Racing Warriors Program
The Story of LOPE

Beyond the Homestretch: What Saving Racehorses Taught Me About Starting Over, Facing Fear & Finding My Inner Cowgirl

When the LOPE ranch opened, we expected only a few horses. Instead, nearly 40 ex-racehorses were donated the first year alone (followed by many more since). Every type of horse came to the ranch: injured, sound, fast, slow, seasoned, young. I became fascinated, then inspired by their unique characters and athletic heroism. So inspired that I wrote a book about the LOPE horses — and what they taught me about horsemanship and life. For me, the book is a way to thank the horses for all they’ve given me — as well as to encourage more people to adopt, love, and learn from ex-racehorses like I do. — Lynn Reardon

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National Exposure

2020 CBS Television Series

In early 2020 (right before the pandemic hit), LOPE was chosen to be part of a Richard Linklater produced CBS television docuseries call That Animal Rescue Show. During the filming, we described our work with warhorses and youth education. At their request, we did demonstrations with the horses — and explained why our slow approach was so important to the horses (and to the young people who learn from them).

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Our Team

Small and mighty in Driftwood, TX

Lynn Reardon
Founder and Executive Dir.
Daelynn Jefferson
Interim Managing Director
Tom Reardon
Creative Director

We respect, admire and value the ex-racehorses — and we want everyone who owns or works with them to feel that way too.

Practical Help
These horses need jobs, not pity. Ex-racehorses still have so much to give after the track. LOPE helps them get the training, care and rehabilitation they need to become champions in other sports.
Job Skills are Forever
The thrill of watching your ex-racehorse gallop cinematically fades quickly — if that is the extent of his training. Useful job skills never wear off. We help the horses build a foundation for success after racing.
Back to the Basics
In classical horsemanship, the basics are what matter the most. We spend our time focusing on the foundation horsemanship (handling, leading, loading, tying, riding quietly) that is key to all disciplines.
No Shortcuts
Flashy training tricks look exciting, but don’t stand the test of time. We work on the long, slow road with the LOPE horses. Our approach isn’t dramatic — but it serves the horse and sets him up for long-term success
Horses are Individuals
While some ex-racers share certain traits, we treat LOPE horses as individuals, adapting to fit each horse’s unique needs and situation. Every horse teaches us something new about how we can better serve all the horses.
Quality Over Quantity
We want to give the best care to the horses. Even if that means that we limit the number of horses here. To help more, we have networking services to assist race owners in finding new homes for their horses at the track.
Prepare and Educate
A better-educated horse is less likely to be at-risk. A well-educated rider is the best owner. By sharing what we learn, we inspire owners to bring out the best in LOPE horses — while also promoting ex-racers to all riders.
Not Just a Ride, an Adventure
Racehorses need riders who are willing to step up, learn, and grow. They give 100% to every challenge and ask the same of their riders. The tremendous heart of racehorses inspires us to do our work with the same commitment.

Racing warriors have so much heart, athleticism and intelligence — all they need is a chance to find purpose after the finish line.