Why Does LOPE Matter?

Earlier this year, a nonprofit consultant asked me why LOPE’s mission was critical — why did it matter if LOPE’s work continued? Would horses die without our intervention — or would youth suffer greatly?

For horses, the answer is yes — some very special horses would die without LOPE. Horses like Atlantic Sun (“Sunny”) and She’s A Sweetie (“Sweetie”). Both warhorses, with amazing track careers behind them — but not much of a future ahead. Both with complicated rehab issues that require expensive veterinary treatment. Read more about Sunny and Sweetie here.

Atlantic Sun feeling great after a very close call with colic and Peritonitis.

Sunny and Sweetie would have been euthanized without LOPE. They have zero value in the commercial horse market — no for-profit entity would invest in their vet care or ongoing recovery.

But Sunny and Sweetie are valuable to LOPE. First for who they are as horses — with their unique characters, amazing history and huge hearts. But even MORE so for who they can be as teachers at LOPE. And for all the young people they can help — by showing them new ways to learn in many different areas.

Which is why LOPE’s work is so critical to youth.

Imagine a world where science, math and English curriculum was so exciting that students couldn’t wait to come to class. Where their teachers were the most fascinating ever — each one weighing over 1000 pounds, with running speeds of over 40 mph.

In this world, unwanted warhorses like Sweetie and Sunny turn out to be the most engaging teachers, bringing students into their world filled with biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, English language arts and nearly every other K-12 study area. Not to mention vocational training for aspiring veterinarians, equine vet techs, agriculture industry professionals and more.

This is the world that LOPE is bringing to youth.

We have launched an academic pilot program to support K-12 education with warhorses as teachers. LOPE is creating partnerships with local schools — to support student learning in science, math and English curriculum.

You brought us to this point, with your committed support over the years.

Sweetie at clinic the night before CT scan.

LOPE’s goals have expanded again — to help many more youth and horses in 2023. To grow the academic pilot, to add more schools and help more warhorses become teachers.

Our goal is to raise $200K by 12/31/22. I’m excited to announce that we have already reached 67% of that goal ($134K), with donations and pledges from generous people like you!

With your continued support, LOPE can bring an amazing world to so many more youth and warhorses. Can we count on a gift from you?

Thank you as always for everything you have done for LOPE. Our work isn’t possible without generous supporters like you!

Warm regards,

Lynn Reardon
Executive Director

PS: Your gift is vital to our work! LOPE donors, like you, are special because you share our love for horses like Sweetie and Sunny. LOPE is a small, lean non-profit, which means your donation goes farther, and works harder to accomplish our goals. Won't you join us?

PPS: Donors who make a gift by December 31, 2022 will be invited to a special donor event in 2023. Donate here.