Warhorse Incentive Fund

The Warhorse Incentive Fund is a LOPE initiative created to encourage ownership of warhorses (and horsemanship education). Our goal is to create incentives for people to purchase and retrain warhorses directly from the track, while providing support and community for new warhorse owners.


If you purchase a warhorse from the track (see definition below), you can be eligible for incentives. Slots are limited to 10 horses (so apply quickly after you acquire your warhorse). 

Warhorse Incentive Fund


$150 Toward RRP Entry Fee
LOPE will pay $150 toward your RRP entry fee with your warhorse (payable after you compete at the Makeover in fall 2023).
$150 Toward a Horsemanship Clinic
LOPE will pay $150 toward an approved* horsemanship clinic with your warhorse by 11/23 (payable after you complete the clinic).  
$100 Dover or NRS Gift Card 
$100 Dover or NRS gift card if you complete either 1) one clinic or 2) compete in RRP with your recently purchased warhorse by 11/23.
Horse Wise Scholars Access
Free membership for one year ($360 value) in Horse Wise Scholars  private online horsemanship study group.
Monthly Group Coaching Zoom
Free monthly group zoom call ($100 value) with Horse Wise to share your progress and get coaching on your horsemanship journey.
Public Recognition
Your story will be covered via Horse Wise podcast interviews — as well as LOPE social media posts and blog series.
*Approved clinic teachers: Brooke Tatrow, Alicia Landman, Buck Brannaman, Linda Hoover, Kathleen Beckham, Jec Ballou, Tom Curtin, Lynn Reardon, Wendy Murdoch and Amy Skinner.
Warhorse Incentive Fund


  • Warhorses must be purchased between Oct 2022 and April 2023
  • Must be off track with less than 15 post-track rides at time of purchase
  • Our definition of warhorse is combination of the following:
    • Retired from racing at older age (7 yo and above)
    • Ran in 50 or more races
    • $100K and over in winnings

Note: If your horse is 7 yo with 48 races and $100K in earnings, he will meet our definition. If your horse is 4 years old, ran 10 times and won over $100K, he won’t meet our definition. We predispose toward horses who ran till later age. But if your horse is 6 yo, ran 50 times and has $100K in earnings, he will meet our definition.

Warhorse Incentive Fund


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Warhorse Incentive Fund


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